Vespa Red

Product Overview

A collaborative partnership between the Piaggio Group and (RED) has created the (VESPA 946) RED an all-red version of the classic scooter, sales of which will go towards initiatives fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

The (VESPA 946) RED has been designed with elegance and style in order to show sensitivity to this serious problem. It symbolises the chance to join the battle against some of the most difficult illnesses humankind has to face.

This most exclusive and most valuable Vespa, a model born to celebrate the beauty of a mode of transport that has achieved legendary status, is also the only product in the automotive world to have been chosen by (RED). This is a record and a privilege that the Vespa 946 is honouring by turning every aspect of itself red, which has never been done before. The courage of the (VESPA 946) RED is also the asset that will make the biggest contribution to a very noble cause and allow it to join the ranks of other prestigious (RED) brands, such as Apple, Nike, American Express, Starbucks and Coca-Cola.

Founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, (RED) has donated $360 million to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This money has gone to Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia; 100% of its resources have been invested in Africa to fund initiatives aimed at combating HIV/AIDS. (RED)'s donations to the Global Fund have had an impact on over 70 million people and been used to provide preventive measures, treatments, counselling, HIV tests and assistance services.

ENGINE 125cc Engine Power 7.1 kW @ 7250 rpm and Torque 9.9Nm @ 6250 rpm. 3 Valve, Aluminium Cylinder Head, Overhead Cam and Roller Rocker Arm, MAP Sensing and Variable Spark Timing Management.
TRANSMISSION Continuous Variable Transmission.
BODY CONSTRUCTION Monocoque Full-Steel Body Construction. Overall Dimensions (LxBxH) - 1770 x 690 x 1140.
SUSPENSION Aircraft derived single side arm Front Suspension with Anti-Dive characteristics.
Rear suspension with Dual-Effect Hydraulic Shock Absorber.
FRONT SUSPENSION 41 mm Upside Down Telescopic
REAR SUSPENSION Swing arm with Progressive Linkage Hydraulic Mono shock absorber
ELECTRICALS 3 - Phase Electrical System and auto ignition.
BRAKES 150 mm Front Drum Brake and 140 mm Rear Drum Brake.
TYRES Broader Tube Tyres With Front and Rear Tyre Size 90/100-10".
STABILITY Link spring mechanism between engine and frame provide amazing balance by balancing of mechanical trail and the stabilizing torque which offers low speed balance, accurate steering and high speed stability
CBS Combined Braking System
CONNECTIVITY Accessories option available